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The University Relations division, led by Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mary Jeka, comprises departments that serve the entire university community and act as liaisons to our host communities and the general public. The University Relations division enhances and protects Tufts’ reputation by communicating the quality and distinctive identity of the university, safeguarding the university’s legal interests, ensuring its commitment to equal opportunity and fostering positive relationships with government and the communities we serve.

What’s happening at Tufts?

Visit our news and events site at http://now.tufts.edu

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  • Crossing Disciplines to Fight Disease November 25, 2015
    An innovative Tufts laboratory that brings biologists together with chemists and mathematicians is poised to yield new insights into breast cancerThe last decade has seen an explosion of new technology in the biological sciences. High-throughput genomics and advanced techniques for sequencing proteins and small molecules have expanded knowledge more than ever before—but they’ve come with […]
  • Tufts Has You Covered for Business Travel November 25, 2015
    Comprehensive international medical insurance is now offered to all faculty, staff and students on university-related businessImagine you’re a Tufts faculty member attending a conference in Chile, and you slip and fall and break your arm. Now what? If you had signed up with the Tufts Travel Registry before you started your trip, you would have […]
  • Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species November 24, 2015
    Findings shed light on role of a new kind of epigenetic signaling in evolution, could yield clues for understanding birth defects, regeneration MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (November 24, 2015)--Biologists at Tufts University have succeeded in inducing one species of flatworm to grow heads and brains characteristic of another species of flatworm without altering genomic sequence. The work […]
  • Verse Like a Knife November 23, 2015
    For Tufts lecturer Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, poetry is a way to pare life down to its essenceIn her new book of poetry, Opinel (Bauhan), Rebecca Kaiser Gibson covers much territory, from her youth and time in India to life’s inevitable vicissitudes. A lecturer in the English department, Kaiser Gibson says that poetry is really an […]