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The University Relations division, led by Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mary Jeka, comprises departments that serve the entire university community and act as liaisons to our host communities and the general public. The University Relations division enhances and protects Tufts’ reputation by communicating the quality and distinctive identity of the university, safeguarding the university’s legal interests, ensuring its commitment to equal opportunity and fostering positive relationships with government and the communities we serve.

What’s happening at Tufts?

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  • How Honey Bees Stay Cool July 23, 2014
    Research indicates a parallel between bee hives and humansMEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. – Honey bees, especially the young, are highly sensitive to temperature and to protect developing bees, adults work together to maintain temperatures within a narrow range. Recently published research led by Philip T. Starks, a biologist at Tufts University’s School of Arts a […]
  • Room for Improvement in Elementary School Children’s Lunches and Snacks from Home July 22, 2014
    BOSTON (July 22, 2014) ─ Open a child’s lunch box and you’re likely to find that the lunches and snacks inside fall short of federal guidelines. Those are the findings of a study conducted by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University and in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University […]
  • Senior Director of Technology Transfer Named July 18, 2014
    Erik Halvorsen will forge industry partnerships to support research at TuftsErik Halvorsen, the executive director of the Boston Children’s Hospital Technology and Innovation Development Office, will join Tufts on Aug. 4 as senior director of technology transfer and industry collaboration in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research. […]
  • No Reservations about Caring July 18, 2014
    On a centuries-old Zia Indian pueblo, Robert Chideckel practices his kind of dentistryIt’s a mid-December day on the Zia Indian pueblo, 35 miles outside of Albuquerque, N.M. The air is clear and sharp and infused with wood smoke. Adobe homes that blend in with their rocky surroundings line a winding road that snakes high up into the village where the Zia hav […]