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The University Relations division, led by Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mary Jeka, comprises departments that serve the entire university community and act as liaisons to our host communities and the general public. The University Relations division enhances and protects Tufts’ reputation by communicating the quality and distinctive identity of the university, safeguarding the university’s legal interests, ensuring its commitment to equal opportunity and fostering positive relationships with government and the communities we serve.

What’s happening at Tufts?

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  • Hotbed in the Arctic October 22, 2014
    The melting ice cap is opening shipping lanes and creating potential for conflict among nations jockeying for the region’s natural resourcesIt’s July and a cargo ship, laden with some 70,000 tons of coal, is slowly wending its way from Russia to China across the top of the world. This ship is functional, not beautiful; it’s longer than two football fields an […]
  • Could Youth Be a Swing Vote this November? October 21, 2014
    In the traditionally low-turnout midterm elections, young people need an incentive to cast their ballotsThe midterm elections on Nov. 4 will determine which party will control Congress for the next two years. In a half dozen close Senate races, young people, who recently have tilted Democratic, could decide the outcome. […]
  • Better Chances for Beached Dolphins October 20, 2014
    Veterinary student’s research could improve survival rates for stranded animalsNo one knows why dolphins beach themselves, but once they wash ashore, they will surely die without proper care. A new study has found that the mammals’ blood may offer clues about their chances for survival, and those who work to save the dolphins are using this discovery to make […]
  • Train Your Brain to Prefer Healthy Foods October 20, 2014
    New research shows that it is possible to create new eating habits “I can resist anything except temptation.” Anyone who has ever been on a diet can relate to that quip from Oscar Wilde. No matter what the fad diet du jour says, the only way to lose weight is to reduce the net number of calories consumed. It’s a simple equation, but a hard way to live. […]