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The University Relations division, led by Senior Vice President and General Counsel Mary Jeka, comprises departments that serve the entire university community and act as liaisons to our host communities and the general public. The University Relations division enhances and protects Tufts’ reputation by communicating the quality and distinctive identity of the university, safeguarding the university’s legal interests, ensuring its commitment to equal opportunity and fostering positive relationships with government and the communities we serve.

What’s happening at Tufts?

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  • Strong bonds with pets may help foster resiliency in military-connected children October 29, 2014
    NORTH GRAFTON, Mass.—Developing resiliency has important benefits for children, especially those from military families faced with significant challenges such as parental deployment and frequent moves.  New research published online in Applied Developmental Science supports the idea that, along with other key resources, strong attachments to animals may help […]
  • Water Purification at the Molecular Level October 29, 2014
    Tufts engineer Ayse Asatekin is exploring new money- and energy-saving approaches to filtration systemsFracking for oil and gas is a dirty business. The process uses millions of gallons of water laced with chemicals and sand. Most of the contaminated water is trucked to treatment plants to be cleaned, which is costly and potentially environmentally hazardous […]
  • Halloween Roundup: The Ghost of Stories Past October 28, 2014
    On the cusp of All Hallows Eve, some haunting reading for you from our archivesYou wouldn’t think university news could be so macabre, but it turns out that Tufts can be a frightfully interesting place. The class Vampires in Civilization proved to have real bite, while a dental school alum fashioned fearsome, functional fangs built to last through multiple s […]
  • Shadow Government October 28, 2014
    Elected officials are no longer in charge of our national security—and that is undermining our democracy, says the Fletcher School’s Michael GlennonMichael Glennon knew of the book, and had cited it in his classes many times, but he had never gotten around to reading the thing from cover to cover. Last year he did, jolted page after page with its illuminatin […]