About University Relations

The University Relations division, led by Senior Vice President and General Counsel  Mary Jeka, comprises departments that serve the entire university community and act as a liaison to our host communities and the general public. The University Relations division enhances and protects Tufts’ reputation by communicating the quality and distinctive identity of the university, safeguarding the university’s legal interests, ensuring its commitment to equal opportunity and fostering positive relationships with government and the communities we serve.

The four arms of the division are the the Office of Communications, the Office of Community and Government Relations, the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of University Counsel.

The Office of Communications provides a wide range of strategic communications services, through four primary departments:


Digital Communications: Oversees the university’s presence through online and digital channels, reflecting the latest thinking in new technologies and strategies.

Public Relations: Keeps the university’s profile high, positive and in support of the Tufts brand across all news media. The team also works on crisis management and on special communications plans.

Publications: Conveys Tufts’ identity and key messages via content and visual identity through the news publications group, which produces all university magazines and the online news site, and through the print and marketing communications group, which advises and produces print strategies and products and manages preferred vendor lists.

University Photography: provides documentary, news, editorial and event photography for the Tufts community. The department maintains an online image archive of thousands of Tufts-related photos, which are available to the community free of charge.


The Office of Community and Government Relations promotes strong partnerships and interactions between Tufts and members of its host communities, including neighbors, community organizations, municipal government offices, and government officials at the city, state and federal levels.

The Office of Equal Opportunity works to promote an environment at Tufts University that is free of discrimination and harassment. This is done through training for faculty, staff, and students. OEO resolves allegations of discrimination and harassment for all members of the Tufts community.

The Office of University Counsel coordinates the delivery of all legal services on behalf of Tufts University, providing support to university personnel on a broad range of matters and coordinating the selection and supervision of outside counsel for matters requiring additional expertise.